Hall of Fame

Nominations now open and will close July 15th

Nominations now open and will close July 15th

October 26, 2024

Stockdale Country Club

The Bakersfield High School Hall of Fame is proud to honor the accomplishments of former Drillers. These inductees have distinguished themselves through the exemplary lives they have lived and the career fields in which they have succeeded and made a difference in other's lives.

Individuals are nominated in the following fields: Arts, Academics, Athletics, Business, Community Service and Public Service. It is required that all Hall of Fame recipients attended or served Bakersfield High School at least ten years prior to induction.

Bakersfield High School has developed and maintains an outstanding reputation for producing responsible citizens and productive members of society. It is our goal to continue honoring individuals whose accomplishments and contributions are worthy of recognition as examples for others to emulate.

Bakersfield High School Hall of Fame

1241 G Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301

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Friday, Oct. 25

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Hall of Fame

Stockdale Country Club

October 26, 2024


Inductees & Legends

Inductees & Legends

2023 class of Inductees

Larry Adams

Micki Burcher, 1956

Kristin Campbell-Taylor, 1997

Robert Coons

Harvey L. Hall, 1959

Tom Hardt, 1969

Clark Mitchell, 1965

Hank Pfister

Frances Ratliff, 1941

Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, 1908

1970 Baseball Team

The Legends


Burr Baldwin, Homer Beatty, Carl Bowser, Paul Briggs, Marshall Dillard,

Claude Gilbert, Bob Karpe, Byra Kite, Dave Marion, Earl Sargent,

Hal Silverman “Voice of the Driller, Pat Skrable, Bernard “Frenchy” Uhalt


Dr. Romain Clerou, Sylvester Cooper, Frank Gifford, Don Harrison, Charlie Sarver, Dr. Robert Sheldon, Jeff Siemon, Louis Wright


Larry Austin, Joe Copeland, Curtis Hill, Roger Kelly, Marv Mosconi, Spain Musgrove, Don Robesky, Jeff Siemon, Hugh Sill, Michael Stewart


Willie Brown, William “Junior” Fanning, T.H. Lockard, Davis “Budge” Loustalot, Pat Preston, Bob Warkentin


John Beard, G. David Edmondson, Donald Johnson, Alvin Kirkland, Louis Lemucchi, Cecil Manning, Derek Stevens


Bryan Adams, Bob Blalock, Kenneth Schwocho, Robert Schmidt, Jeff Buckey


Russell Hampton, Jason Oliver, Chad Provensal, Denny Schmidt, Roger Smith, Rick Van Horne


Jim Kennedy, Gerald “Jerry” Tarr, John Van Osdel “Van”, William “Bill” Rankin, Doug Lomon, Jim Kunau, Gary William


Chad Manning, Jerry Marion, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Tharrell Ming, Jack O’Brien, Bill Van Osdel, Jeremy Staat


Mike Butcher, George Dewar, Jim Dewar, Mike Dewar, Ryan Hansen, Monsignor Craig Harrison, Larry Parker Jr., Willie Sandoval, John Wyatt


Mike Battistoni, Coach Tim Hartnett, R. Todd Littlejohn, Hollis Shannon, Jack Trout, Steve Uhalt, Gary Webb, Steve Wofford, Melvin York


James C. Allison II, Fred Parker, Josh Sherley, Bob Stone, Ed Witzke, Willie Sandoval


Dr. Michael B. Rimmer, Ty Bowden, Devonne Edwards, Mike Keese, Lloyd McCoy, Aaron McDonald, James McGill